Outsourcing Services

Regal Bread Studio can work with projects of any size offering varying degrees
of quality and styles to help match any budget.

Instead of going on about what we excel at, we suggest testing us out
by working with us on a small project to begin with.

What we offer in terms of services...

Art and Illustration:
For print and digital use.
For games of all kind, thumbnails (for YouTube and more), cards, paintings,
general graphic design, and any other uses imaginable.

Using the languages of C, C++, and/or C#.
Tools for any purpose.
Encapsulated classes and whole systems that adhere to client's specs.

For use as full length pieces, themes (ie. intros/outros), and more.
For games, videos (YouTube, etc) and anything else.

Sound Effects:
For use in games, videos, and more.

For samples see our library of PlayStation Themes and Games as found on our
YouTube channel which showcases some of our work both in art and music.

Contact Regal Bread by email to tell us your needs and for a quote.
First jobs of a specific type are half priced.

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